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TagIt is a top end personal information manager, which will maintain your sensitive data without any hassles. It does have all the data stored in encrypted form.Allows you to save sensitive data like bank a/c's, credit card data, passwords and many more. User can make his own customized categories to tag different kind of secure information.


  • Bank related data(bank url, login info)
  • Credit card data
  • Any favourite URL's
  • Articles & Notes
  • Image Url's
  • Contacts
  • Customized categories
  • Tag favorite categories
  • Any secure information

Login to TagIt

You can log into TagIt application with the default password "pwd".

Home Screen

Home screen lists all the added tags under specific categories.User can set wall paper by clicking on icon.

Default & Customized Categories

  • List of available categories can be seen by clicking icon on top right corner of tagIt app.
  • User can add customized categories by clicking on icon in this screen.

Adding New Category

  1. New category screen would be displayed by click on icon in the above screen.
  2. Enter the name of category in the Title field.
  3. Enter the description of category.
  4. Select the Priority Index of category.(All Categories would be displayed in the home screen by priority index order).
  5. Click on Save button, Category has been saved successfully message appears.
  6. Notice that there is a back button to the left of the page title. Click the button to return to the previous screen.

TagItem Creation & Setting as Favorite

  • New Tag item can be tagged by clicking icon in home page.
  • A tagged item can be set as favorite by checking and will be displayed in the favourites on the home screen.
  • Favorites give to yourself quick access to TagItems such as frequently view.

TagItem Fields order arrange by drag and drop

  • The user can rearrange order tag item fields via drag drop.
  • The user can drag a TagItem field and then drop it on the filed where user wishes to swap with.
  • It is very helpful for more TagItem fields where we require to order TagItem fields within the grid.

Tag Types

  1. In the same Add category screen, there is a facility to add type of tag as shown in this screenshot.
  2. Type of tag can be default,hyperlink,secure, imageurl, notes..etc.
  • Default : Normal text.
  • Hyperlink : Web url links.
  • Secure : Encrypted text.
  • Note : Notes.
  • Imageurl : Image urls along with image preview.

Tag Options

  • By selecting any tag, few options like “Share” & “copy” will be seen.
  • User can use these facilities as per their function.

Tag Details

  1. To navigate Tag details by clicking on tag.
  2. Tag details can be viewed by clicking on a tag as shown here.
  3. User can share , copy , edit or delete his tag here.
  4. Notice that there is a back button to the left of the screen. Click the button to return to the previous screen.
  • Share : Is a quick way to share selected tag item data without leaving the app you're in, can share through email.
  • Copy : Simply copies the selected tag item text or selected value text by clicking on copy icon,making it available to paste into other apps/programs at your convenience.
  • Edit : Edit an existing tag item.
  • Delete : Delete selected an existing tag item.


  • TagIt app settings can be accessed by clicking icon in home page.
  • Here is the view of settings page. Here user can set his a/c password.

Backing up Data

  • Click on the button in the top-right corner of the application screen. A window appears.
  • To back up the data, Click on the right-arrow button
  • Browse and select the preferred data file (.tdb) and click on Restore Button.TagIt Data file restore process successfully completed message appears.

Restoring Data

  • Click on the button in the top-right corner of the application screen. A window appears.
  • To restore the application data to any of the previously stored database, Click left-arrow button
  • Select the location in which you wish to save the data.
  • Enter or modify the name of backup data file in the text field.
  • Click on the Backup button. TagIt Data file backup process successfully completed message appears.
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